Schind MC01 Marble & Granite Multi Cutting Machine
Product Code: CHK-01
Category: Machine , Marble, Natural Stone and Granite Machines
Origin: Turkey
Minimum Order: 1 Pcs
Min Cutting Depth: 10 mm
Motor Power: 22kW
Belt Motor Power: 0.55 kW
Belt Speed: 65 cm/min
Saw Downward / Upward Motor Power: 0.18 kW
Press Up Down Motor Power: 0.75 kW
Max Cutting Width: 120 mm
Saw Diameter: 250-350
Saw Speed: 2800 c/min
Min Cutting Width: 50mm
Max Cutting Thickness: 120mm
Saw Diameter: 250-350mm
Number of Saws: Min:2 / Max: 13
Voltage: 380V
Squaring System: It Has
Water Consumption: 60 liters/min
Machine Dimensions (width - length - height): 2100 - 3550 - 2000mm
Machine Weight: 1500kg


The marble or granite strips from the calibrating and polishing machine are positioned 90 ° to the saws and cut in series.
Our machine has a strong steel body structure and it is painted with epoxy paint.
Machine dimensions may be changed according to customer request. And double head is possible...