Schind CNC 3200 X 1000 - Marble Column Lathe Machine (Multi Axis)
SCHIND CNC 3210 is a CNC-based machine that allows the marble or granite, which is fixed to the lathe, to be rotated in a circular motion and turned into a cylindrical or conical part by sawing and processed the final design on the part with lathe tools.
Product Code: CNC COLUMN LATHE 3210
Category: Machine , Marble, Natural Stone and Granite Machines
Origin: Made in Turkey
Minimum Order: 1Pc
Motor Power: 22 Kw
Machine Dimensions:
Length x Width x Height
7200 x 2310 x 5500 mm
Machine Control System: CNC
Voltage: 380 V 50Hz
Water Consumption: 30Lt
Machine Weight: 7.000 Kg


Due to its extremely robust structure, it can process wood, metal and composite materials as well as marble and granite.
The main structure of our machine was designed considering the granite hardness and a column of maximum 15 tons to be processed and material selection was made accordingly.
There are limit protection sensors at the entrance and exit of all axes in the machine to prevent mechanical collisions.
In the lathe, with an inverter-supported servo motor, a cycle from 0 rpm to 70 rpm can be provided and parts from 30mm to 3000mm can be fixed.



Machine dimensions (L, W, H) 7200 x 2310 x 5500 mm 
Net Processing Area for Saw Z3000  X 1000 mm (Z-X)
Net Processing Area for Router Z3000  X 1000 mm (Z-X)
Side Cutting (X Axis) Length 3000 mm 
Maximum Column Diameter 1000 mm
Minimum Column Diameter 30 mm
Divisor Capacity 15 tons
Diameter of Electrolyzed Diamond Saw 450-800 mm x 10mm (thickness) x Ø60 mm (saw shaft)
Saw Motor Power (Invertor) 0-3000 RPM – 22 KW (Aldemirler brand)
Spindle Motor (Invertor) Toolholder by Air Power 0-1200 RPM – 9 KW (Arel brand)
X Axis Motor +   Planetary Gear Reducer 1/10 1,5KW servo motor (Delta brand)
X1 Axis Motor + Planetary Gear Reducer 1/10 1,5 KW servo motor (Delta brand)
Z Axis Motor +   Planetary Gear Reducer 1/10 2,2 KW servo motor (Delta brand)
C Axis Motor + Planetary Gear Reducer 1/100 7,5 KW servo motor (Delta brand)
Control unit ( Automatic CNC  )  SZGH 8.4’’ (English Licensed) - G code operating
100 MB (3 + 1 Axis), handwheel
Precision and Accuracy 0,1 mm
Switches are Siemens brand 
Relays are Omron brand 
Contactors are Telemecanique & Schneider brand 
Power Failure Position Ability to continue from where it left
Safety System Automatic door lock
Electrical Equipment Suitable with CE norms
Cooling System No cooling, because our motor has ceramic bearings
Tool Changing Standard manual by air power
X1 Axis Motion on (Saw) 35mm linear guide-way system
X2 Axis Motion on (Spindle) 35mm linear guide-way system
C Axis Motion on Divisor chuck consists of roller and conical bearings
Z Axis Motion on Wheeled mechanical system on hardened steel slides
Z Axis Motion with Ball Screw Ø 32 x 8 Pitch
Total Required Power  35 Kw
Required Water Flow  30 liters per minute 
Machine Weight 7.000 Kg
Overseas Loading      4 Disassembled parts in one 40ft open top container
Road Transportation Trailer (lower tires)