Our SCH80 Gang Saw machine is created for rapid cutting of natural stone blocks with cast iron flywheel & double connecting rods which has a linear movement to minimize vibration.
Product Code: SCH80
Category: Machine , Marble, Natural Stone and Granite Machines
Origin: Made in Turkey
Minimum Order: 1Pc
Min Cutting Depth: 15 mm
Motor Power: 90 Kw / 125Hp
Machine Dimensions:
Length x Width x Height
4500 * 12000 * 5150 mm
Machine Control System: PLC
Maximum Saw Size: 800 mm
Cutting Depth: 2000 mm
Number of Saws: 80 Pcs.
Voltage: 380V 50Hz
Water Consumption: 800 Lt / Mn
Machine Weight: 50 tons


Our machine is wagon uplift type. The blades frame is at a fixed height and the block transport trolley is raised towards the diamond blades by synchronized screw shaft system. Our Multi Blade Gang Saw Machine which works in the logic of mass production, provides energy efficiency thanks to excellent harmony between counterweighted cranks & connecting rods, moving diamond blade holder & tension tie rods.

It is designed as 2 pieces of cutting wagons + 1 piece of transfer wagon line + 2 pieces of waiting station.

The movement of the cutting wagon is provided by a trapezoidal screw with a diameter of 90 mm and a pitch of 12 mm, and the installed system has a block lifting capacity of 40 tons.

The block raising station is locked with zigzag wedges strongly. The station moves on two rigid chrome plated prismatic and two flat slides connected to 4 columns, preventing any deviation in the vertical axis.

80 flat diamond blades are connected to the hydraulic tensioning system that provides equal tension to each blade with tension tie rods.

There is an automatic brake stop, audible and light alarm system, if the oil is finished, the main bearings break down, the plate is broken, the flywheel speed decreased or any problem occurs.

PLC Control panel, Telemecanique brand materials, SKF or FAG Bearing.

Roller bearing guide way system working in the oil pool (saves energy compared to friction slides, has a longer life).

Power transmission between main engine and flywheel is provided by energy efficient multiple belt system.

When the block reaches a certain height during cutting (distance adjustable system), the machine automatically stops to fix the plates and the system gives an alarm.

The lifting speed of the block to be cut can be adjusted automatically according to the hardness of the stone. Thanks to the sensors, cutting is made a constant pressure between multi blade saws and stone block.

The up and down movement of the cutting wagon is on the square of friction resistant precision guides (bronze slides) without vibration.
All the mechanical parts and gears we used in our machines are our own production and there is no shortage of spare parts.

Our machine is covered by a 1 year warranty for electronic parts and 2 years for mechanics. And we give spare parts supply guarantee for next 10 years.
Max. Number of Blades 80 Pcs
Stoke Per Minute 80 Cycle
Blade Stroke 800 mm
Blade size (L*W) 4200*180 mm
Power of Main Motor 90 / 125 Kw / Hp
Power of Rapid Lifting & Lowering Motor Power 7.5 / 11 Kw / Hp
Power of Slow Lifting & Lowering Motor Power  4 / 6 Kw / Hp
Max. Block Dimensions ( Width x Length x Height) 2000 x 3250 x 2000 mm
Machine Dimension (W x L x H) 12000 * 4500 * 5150 mm
Total Electricty Power 101,5  / 142 Kw / Hp
Machine Weight 50 Ton
Cutting Speed  5 - 40 Cm per hour
Tie Rods 17 Mm
Minimum Slab Thickness >15 Mm
Water Consumption of Each Blade 10 L/min
Block Trolley Size (Width x Length x Heigth) 2050 - 3200 - 1500 mm
Construction Area Requirement 15000 - 5750 mm
Concrete Requirement C40 220 – 240
Iron Bar Requirement (Various Sizes) 15 Ton