SCHIND 16401-4 NPU - Fully Automatic - Wooden Wagon - Marble, Granite and Natural Stone Cutting Machine
Product Code: SK16-0102-4
Category: Machine , Marble, Natural Stone and Granite Machines
Origin: Turkey
Minimum Order: 1
Slide Length: 6000mm
Machine Dimensions:
Length x Width x Height
Cutting Head Motion : 0° & 45°
Machine Control System: PLC
Workbench Width: 1500mm
Marble Cutting Length: 3500mm
Marble Cutting Width : 1600mm
Saw Motor Power: 9.0 - 13 kw
Saw Diameter: 350 - 500 mm
Saw Speed: 1400 / 2800 rpm
Max Cutting Thickness: 120mm
Voltage: 380V
Machine Weight: 2600 Kg


  • Longitudinal, transverse and 45 ° cutting machine,
  • Cuts on X and Y axis,
  • The wagon forward and backward movement is automatic and is provided with joystick,
  • The rotation of the width, length and 45 cutting angles is done automatically from the control panel,
  • Cutting speed adjustable,
  • The shaft bearing which the wagon moves on is completely filled with oil and is closed,
  • The wooden wagon is used, the shaft bearing that drives the upper body is closed with bellows,
  • Made of NPU 240 chassis.