SCHIND CMF 12+3 Edge Chamfering & Polishing Machine
With its PLC controlled 15 motors, you can process high-length parts quickly. You can perform smooth chamfering and polishing by minimizing vibration with NPU 240 steel and I iron profile chassis.
Product Code: SCMF
Category: Machine , Marble, Natural Stone and Granite Machines
Origin: Turkey
Minimum Order: 1
Calibrating Head Quantity: 1 Motor 2.2 Kw
Dropper Head Quantity: 1 Motor 2.2 Kw
Top Chamfer Motor: 1 Motor 1.1 Kw
Bottom Chamfer Motor: 4 Motors 1.1 Kw
Polish: 6 Motors 1.1 Kw
Band Motor: 1 Motor 1 Kw
Reducer Motor: 1 Motor 0.55 Kw
Slide Length: 6000mm
Machine Dimensions:
Length x Width x Height
W / L / H : 1500 mm / 6000 mm /1800 mm
Machine Control System: PLC
Belt Motor Power: 1 KW
Water Consumption: 45 lt/min
Machine Weight: 2600 kg


✓ Head systems of our machine are made of 110 mm pipes and covered with stainless
✓ There is PLC control management system at our machine.
✓ Pipe Bearings are with sleeves and we use bronze bushing inside of the sleeves and
works in oil.
✓ Reducer speed can be changeable.
✓ Up and Down movement system moves with cast body reducer.
✓ Total electric power 19,5 KW.
✓ Total machine weight 2600 kg.
✓ Our machine's apparatus shaft is coupling system. There is no possibility of pressure to
motor and shaft connection has double ball and double seal
✓ The pressure system of our machine is custom made and automatic.
✓ The Abrasive Heads of our machine are 50x50 padded large air cylinders.
✓ The panels that we used is front and back in our machine, electrical and air systems are
in separate sections
✓ The main chassis of our machine is manufactured from NPU 240 U & I shape.
✓ The machine chassis is welded and sandblasted after cleaning, 3 layer of Epotan primer
is applied and 2 coats of RAL 7044 acrylic paint is applied.
✓ Electrical system materials: Schneider & Telemecanique brand.