Eximany Export Import, Consultancy and Logistic

Eximany is an establishment which has 15 years experience in the management team about Foreign Trade and Logistics has been taking part in Turkey and World markets. We have been activiting in global trade and logistic created extensive network in the US, China, India, Russia, Africa, Middle East and European countries in the machine, food, furniture, marble, industrial kitchen equipments and logistics sectors. We are representing products of the trustable suppliers in the international markets. We invest in producers if we satisfiy from their production quality and management mentality. Whomever needs to export or import any product , we are there with our professional team.

Our Services

Services by Eximany

We import raw materials, intermediate products, ready-to- eat / use finished products, machines or industrial spare parts with the desired characteristics by managing all processes for you. If any company would like to go into Turkey market via help of Eximany then we manage all marketing and promotion process for the exporter company.


We help to sell the products of the producers we have agreed on international markets. We manage all processes from order confirmation to preparation of documents, from customs clearance to money transfers and transportation.


The international shipping process as last organization between buyer and seller is one of the most important factors that must be fulfilled without any mistakes. We take into consideration the benefits of exporters and importers by creating solutions with the best transportation cost in our logistics network.


In international markets, we make all the correspondence with potential customers / suppliers on time. We provide interpreting services during customer / supplier visits or in international fairs. We make depth sectoral researches on international markets related to your desired product or country.


We are reducing the risks of the importer by appointing an independent auditor for the product, documental process and logistics. We provide inspection services according to the standards determined by the importer company in the exporter companies which is located in Turkey on behalf of the importer.


We gain corporate value to companies want to go into international markets and want to grow by the help our professional team. We are designing a brand that is more memorable, which may seem more effective than its competitors products. We design professional web sites which is sensitive for Google robots (SEO).

Eximany Team