Shifa Roasted Turkish Antep Pistachios
Our Pistachio products are first class products of high quality, produced without using concession and without natural additives in our hygienic facilities. The customer is packed in bulk or desired weight on request.
Brand: SHIFA
Category: Food , Dry Foods - Nuts
Origin: Turkey
Minimum Order: 1000 kg
Sizes: in 100 gr;
- 100-110 Pcs
- 110-120 Pcs
- 120-130 Pcs
- 130-140 Pcs
Processing Type: Roasted
Style: Dried
Moisture: Max 1.5%
Flavour: Free from Strong, Flat, or foreign flavours (Antep pistachio is most delicious pistachio of world.)
Odor: Characteristic odors of antep pistachios. Without foreign odors
Shelf Life: 12-24 months
Storage: Store in a cool, dry and clean environment
Packing: in Carton Box;
- 10 kg Vacuum Pack
- 20 kg Vacuum Pack
- 25 kg Vacuum Pack
- Or whatever packaging you want.
Cultivation Type: Common
Color: Dark Green


Nutritional Values

The pistachio contains 562 kcal energy per 100 grams. To be specific, pistachio contains 45 g fat, 1 mg Sodium, 1.025 mg Postassium, 28 gr Carbohydrate, 10 gr Dietary Fiber, 8 gr Sugar, 20 g protein. It contributes to body and brain development at a high level thanks to the nutritional value it contains.
A Vitamini 415 IU C Vitamini 5,6 mg
Kalsiyum 105 mg Demir 3,9 mg
D Vitamini 0 IU B6 Vitamini 1,7 mg
B12 vitamini 0 µg Magnezyum 121 mg