Shifa Walnut Kernels
The world's most delicious walnuts are produced in Turkey. We produce our walnut products carefully for you naturally. We pack in the sizes our customers want. Contact us for wholesale walnut kernels prices.
Brand: SHIFA
Category: Food , Dry Foods - Nuts
Origin: Türkiye
Minimum Order: 1000 kg
Sizes: 18mm-24mm (Unshelled)
Processing Type: Raw
Style: Dried
Moisture: Max 8 %
Flavour: Free from Strong, Flat, or foreign flavours
Odor: Characteristic odors of walnut kernels. Without foreign odors
Shelf Life: 12-24 Months
Storage: Store in a cool, dry and clean environment under 20º C.
Packing: Our Walnut Kernels are packed in vacuum poly bag with external strong carton suitable to provide protection during the transit and storage.
- 10 kg
- 12,5 kg
- 25 kg
- Or Your Requested Packing
Cultivation Type: Common
Color: Light Brown
Rotten: Max. 2%
Shrivelled: Max. 1%
Broken: Max. 3%