Squid - Loligo Patagonia / Loligo Gahi
Loligo Patagonia, which lives in the South West Atlantic, is one of the most popular in the global markets. Naturally skinned / skinless without any chemical treatment can be consumed. For wholesale Loligo Patagonia please contact us.
Product Code: SK16-0306
Brand: SHIFA
Category: Seafood
Origin: South West Atlantic Ocean FAO 41 / 47
Latin Name:
(Scientific Name)
Loligo Patagonia
Specification: - Whole Squid
- Cleaned Squid
- Sliced Squid
- Battered Squid
Sizes: We classify as follow:
- C4: 10-12cm
- C4L: 12-14cm
- C4LL: 14-16cm
- C3: 16-19cm
This meassure belongs to the lenght of the tube
Nutritional Values: Per 100 gr.
Energy 314 KJ (74 kcal); Fat 1,4 g; Saturated fatty acid 0,33 g; Carbohydrate 1,2 g; Sugar 0 g; Protein 14,73 g Salt 1,27 g; Sodium 0,5 g.