Mandrelless PLC Model Non-Mandrel Rotary Bender
SBK 060 model, which does not have hydraulic parts can make 5 consecutive bendings. Machine capacity is given for Ø60 x 3mm standard steel pipes.
Product Code: SBK 060
Category: Machine , Pipe and Tube Bending Machines
Origin: Made in Turkey
Minimum Order: 1Pc
Max. Pipe Diameter: 60 Ø
Max. Pipe Wall Thickness: 3 mm
Max. Bending Radius: 250 mm
Max. Bending Angle: 180°
Engine Power: 3,5 Kw
Machine Weight: 170 Kg
Machine Length: 600 mm
Machine Width: 650 mm
Machine Height: 1100 mm


Standard Specifications

Optional Specifications

Easy control with programmable bending angle Spare mold set suitable for customer demand
Quick mold change system  
Saving bending values (10 programs)  
5 consecutive bends  
Foot pad with emergency stop  
Double speed adjustment  

Standard Mold Sets for SBK 060

Ø76mm 200mm   Ø42mm 100mm
Ø60mm 200mm   30x30x2mm 100mm
Ø48mm 200mm   25x25x2mm 100mm
Ø76mm 150mm   20x20x2mm 100mm
Ø60mm 150mm   Ø38mm 65mm
Ø48mm 150mm   Ø32mm 65mm
40x40x2mm 150mm   Ø18mm 65mm
Ø48mm 100mm   Ø16mm 65mm

Our standard molds specific to this model are produced by casting. 
1 mold is included in the price of the machine, it is given free of charge.