SCHIND 16200 - Marble, Natural Stone and Granite Side Cutting Machine
It cuts side only and has 9-13 kW motor. It is used for cutting rough edges quickly. Linear slides are used for upper body movements.
Product Code: SK-16200
Category: Machine , Marble, Natural Stone and Granite Machines
Origin: Turkey
Minimum Order: 1 Set
Saw Motor Power: 9-13 kW
Voltage: 380V



  • It cuts straight on Y axis… No 45 ° cutting, No head rotation to another directions,

  • Cutting ability is net 800 mm on Y axis,

  • Cutting head group moves on the linear slides by button / joystick. Saw Forward – Saw Backward,

  • Marble slabs can be easily load on the plastic rolls for squaring,

  • Cutting speed is adjustable

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