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Please check our marble machines, granite machines, pipe bending machines,aluminium processing machines, metal profile punching machine and other machines

Natural Wood Furniture

Natural Wood Furniture

Please check our natural edge wood table, live edge wood coffee table and other decorative accessories products which have original design of nature.



Please check our frozen seafood such as mackerel, panga (pangasius) fish, saithe, octopus, squid (calamar), shrimp

Clean Air Filter

Clean Air Filter

Hepa filter, metal filter, cassette filter, high tempature filter, activated carbon filter, compact filter, bag filter, panel filter, rijit bag filter, cartridge filter, filter clean equipments, fan coil filter for ventilation systems

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20 Tem

In the atmosphere there are particles of various sizes such as dusts, aerosols and exhaust gases. Some of these particles spontaneously form in nature, a vomit is a human structure with industrialization

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30 Haz

You can find container dimensions and types at this page. Container Types are 20' DC Container, 40' DC Container, 20' Reefer Container, 40' Reefer Container...


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Eximany is an establishment which has 15 years experience in the management team about Foreign Trade and Logistics has been taking part in Turkey and World markets. We have been activiting in global trade and logistic created extensive network in the US, China, India, Russia, Africa, Middle East and European countries in the machine, food, furniture, marble, industrial kitchen equipments and logistics sectors. We are representing products of the trustable suppliers in the international markets. We invest in producers if we satisfiy from their production quality and management mentality. Whomever needs to export or import any product , we are there with our professional team.