Schind EMFA 1520x2mm Heavy Duty Motorized Guillotine Shear
Product Code: EMFA 1520x2
Category: Machine , Shears
Origin: Turkey
Minimum Order: 1 Set
Workbench Dimensions (mm):
أبعاد طاولة العمل (مم)
Working Length (mm): 1520
Capacity (mm): 2.0
Motor (kw): 3
Length (mm): 1850
Width (mm): 840
Height (mm): 1200
Weight (kg): 1200


• Cast iron frames and base Steel Plate and Upper Jaw
• Mechanical Sheet fixer to avoid slipping , Adjustable sledges for Upper Jaw , Adjustable back
gauge for narrow and short parts
• 4 sided 2370 quality high tensile steel blades
• Easy setting of blade gap , Preventor mechanism for blades overlapping, Foot pedal system to
arrange for single or multi-cuts
• Sensitive Frame to enable Clear purpendicuar cuts , silent clutch system, Adjustable front gauges
to enable wide piece cutting
• Sheet cover For main shaft and eccentric arms , Cover sheet for flywheel